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FWEB comments

FWEB supports several types of comments
All material until and including the next newline is completely ignored by ftangle and fweave.
This is a standard TEX comment. It will be passed on to a generated TEX file, and then ignored both by TEX and LATEX. Must not be used in the code part.
/* $\ldots$ */
This kind of a comment will be ignored by ftangle, but it will be formatted by fweave. These comments are designed for the code part, so that mathematical formulae can appear right next to the code lines they correspond to. They will not be visible in the generated Fortran (or C) codes though.
// $\ldots$
As above, but the comment is automatically terminated by a newline.
@/* $\ldots$ */
This is a verbatim comment. It is processed both by ftangle and fweave. These comments are passed on to a generated Fortran (or C) code. Do not use TEX directives in them. Ftangle will use language specific commenting when writing those on Fortran (or C) files.

Zdzislaw Meglicki