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A Multi-Job Job

Organizing your jobs into multiple batch files may lead to confusion, especially if files are many and they depend on each other in funny ways. It is better to compile all such tasks on a single file and submit it several times in order to execute various parts of the task. But how can we differentiate between various submissions of the same file? The answer is with environmental variables. To begin with the PBS directive

will make  all variables defined in the environment from which the job is submitted available to the job. We can then add more variables by using  the -v option followed by variable specifications.

In the following script I have combined,, and into a single script. Here is the listing:

[gustav@ih1 PBS]$ cat
#PBS -S /bin/bash
#PBS -q bg
case $STAGE in
1 )
   [ -d /N/gpfs/gustav ] || mkdir /N/gpfs/gustav
   cd /N/gpfs/gustav
   rm -f test
   echo "/N/gpfs/gustav prepared and cleaned." 
   ssh ih1 "cd PBS; /usr/pbs/bin/qsub -v STAGE=2" 
   echo "Stage 2 submitted." 
2 )
   cd /N/gpfs/gustav
   time mkrandfile -f test -l 1000 
   ls -l test 
   echo "File /N/gpfs/gustav/test generated." 
   ssh ih1 "cd PBS; /usr/pbs/bin/qsub -v STAGE=3" 
   echo "Stage 3 submitted." 
3 ) 
   cd /N/gpfs/gustav
   time xrandfile -f test -l 4 
   echo "File /N/gpfs/gustav/test processed." 
   ssh ih1 "cd PBS; /usr/pbs/bin/qsub -v STAGE=4" 
   echo "Stage 4 submitted."
4 )
   cd /N/gpfs/gustav
   rm -f test
   echo "Directory /N/gpfs/gustav cleaned." 
esac >> $LOG 2>&1
exit 0
[gustav@ih1 PBS]$
The action taken by the script depends on the value of STAGE. If $STAGE is 1 then we prepare /N/gpfs/gustav and then submit the same script, but this time we set STAGE to 2 with the
-v STAGE=2

In STAGE 2 we generate the data file with mkrandfile and resubmit the same script with -v STAGE=3.

In STAGE 3 we process the data file with xrandfile and resubmit the script with -v STAGE=4.

Finally in STAGE 4 we clean /N/gpfs/gustav and exit.

Observe that all output is collected on one file /N/B/gustav/PBS/all_log to which each instantiation of the script appends its output. Also observe that we try to capture standard error on this file too. This is what the redirection 


Because we take care of collecting all standard output and standard error, the output and error files generated by PBS will be empty.

The job is submitted as follows:

[gustav@ih1 PBS]$ qsub -v STAGE=1
[gustav@ih1 PBS]$
We are then going to see in the qstat listing but with a changing ID number.
[gustav@ih1 PBS]$ while sleep 10
> do
>    qstat | grep gustav
> done
14205.ih1           gustav                  0 R bg              
14205.ih1           gustav           00:00:13 R bg              
14205.ih1           gustav           00:00:34 R bg              
14205.ih1           gustav           00:00:57 R bg              
14208.ih1           gustav                  0 R bg              

Eventually the execution of all four stages completes and we get the following listing on all_log:

[gustav@ih1 PBS]$ cat all_log
/N/gpfs/gustav prepared and cleaned.
Stage 2 submitted.
writing on test
writing 1000 blocks of 1048576 random integers

real    5m36.706s
user    0m38.510s
sys     0m18.780s
-rw-r--r--    1 gustav   ucs      4194304000 Sep 13 16:35 test
File /N/gpfs/gustav/test generated.
Stage 3 submitted.
reading test
reading in chunks of size 16777216 bytes
allocated 16777216 bytes to junk
read 4194304000 bytes

real    0m33.902s
user    0m0.010s
sys     0m12.210s
File /N/gpfs/gustav/test processed.
Stage 4 submitted.
Directory /N/gpfs/gustav cleaned.
[gustav@ih1 PBS]$

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Zdzislaw Meglicki