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Working with PBS

PBS stands for ``Portable Batch System''. It is a suite of programs for submitting jobs to distributed computational resources, e.g., to clusters such as our AVIDD. There are many versions of PBS floating around. For example, there is OpenPBS developed originally for NASA and ``Scalable OpenPBS'' distributed by, a site that is run by Cluster Resources, a company in Utah. Then there is ``Professional PBS Pro'' distributed by, which is one of many shopping windows of Altair Engineering, a company located in Michigan.

The version installed on AVIDD at present is ``Scalable OpenPBS'' with the Maui scheduler.

As I have already mentioned in section 3.3, you can find PBS manual entries in /usr/local/man, and, this is about all there is there in terms of user documentation.

In the following sections you will learn how to make sense of these manuals and how to use PBS on the AVIDD cluster.


Zdzislaw Meglicki