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Welcome to I590, High Performance Data Management and Processing. This is our first experimental course that is going to make use of the Indiana I-Light  infrastructure to deliver instruction to students at various IU campuses, most notably, IUN, IUPUI and IUB.

This course is a part of the AVIDD program, which has been financed to the tune of $3.25 million by the National  Science Foundation, which contributed $1.8 million, IBM, which  provided a Shared University Research (SUR) grant and by Indiana University, which paid the rest.

AVIDD  stands for ``Analysis and Visualization of Instrument Driven Data'', the analysis and visualization in question to be carried out on the four AVIDD clusters of IA32  and IA64  blades scattered amongst the three Indiana University campuses, IUN, IUPUI and IUB and coupled to the IU's High  Performance Storage System (HPSS).


Zdzislaw Meglicki