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High Performance Data Management and Processing
I590, Section 7462

Zdzis\law Meglicki

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These are the I590 notes for the 2003 Fall Semester. They will be developed together with the course and placed here as they become available.

In the meantime you may find material prepared for the two older courses, P573 and B673, useful. We are going to build on some of that stuff, though this course is going to be quite different, focused more on data than on scientific computation.

The times  and venues for the 2003 Fall Semester i590 course are:

every Tuesday in I109 from 9AM to 12PM, starting on the 2nd of September.
every Wednesday in SI128 from 9AM to 11:45AM, starting on the 3rd of September - note that this is two weeks after the official beginning of the Fall Semester at IUPUI!
every Wednesday in the Library Computer Laboratory from 8:30AM to 11:30AM, starting on the 3rd of September - note that this is one week after the official beginning of the Fall Semester at IUN!
Note to IUN and IUPUI students
Because the I590 course will commence later at your campuses than your other courses, you have more time to enroll in it too. Enrollments will be accepted until Friday, 5th of September 2003.
Note to undergraduate students
Even though the course is advertised officially as a graduate one, you are welcome to enroll if you are an undergraduate student too. There is nothing in the course pre-requisites (see section 1.2) that would make it impossible for undergraduate students to understand the material.

These times and venues may yet change. The course is highly specialized, we don't expect many students, and it is going to be delivered over the Internet and private TV links to IUN and possibly also to IUPUI. If we can't have the required connectivity to the rooms specified above, we'll have to change the rooms. If we don't have enough students at IUB to justify a separate session for them, we'll combine them together with IUN and IUPUI students on Wednesdays. We may even consider delivering the course directly to your home PC in combination with a teleconference - the way the so called Webinars work.

If you are bent on taking this course, stay in touch. Contact me directly (to find how, press on my name under the title of this document) if you plan to enroll or if you are lost. The enrollment deadline is on the 5th of September.

If you are not certain whether you should enroll, read the ``Introduction'' (chapter 1) and, especially, the section about the focus of the course (section 1.1). You may wish to discuss the course with your academic supervisor.

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Zdzislaw Meglicki